I got my first board, a red resin cast kicktail longboard when I was seven, and I rode that thing into the ground. Carving around town and bombing any hill I could find. I never quite got over that feeling you get flying down a hill or carving turns across my favorite lot.

As I got older and the boards changed shape and sizes, one thing still bothered me - why do all of the graphics and cool artwork get relegated to the bottom of the board where they will never get seen?

With the new grip graphic technology, that is no longer an issue. Using this new graphic-grip technology, I have been able to create bright, eye-catching designs that sit on top of the board as grip tape, without sacrificing image quality, or traction on your board.

Take a look around at the designs and see if anything grabs you. Keep in mind, if you don't see it here, I do custom boards for gifts or events as well. So just let me know what you need and I can get started.