• Image of Weirdies Candy Roll

Grab some Weirdies and roll! This vintage candy inspired deck will have you cruising in style. Who needs a bendy cheap plastic board when you can have high quality printed graphic grip tape on a custom cut 7-ply (or better) hardwood skateboard.

Weirdboards.com penny killer skateboards sizes vary, but all are approx 22" - 28" long and 5-6" wide. Every Penny Killer skateboard comes complete with 3”-5" penny sized trucks and 60mm cruiser wheels (colors may vary).

Looking for more original Weirdboards Penny Killer skateboards, cruisers or longboard designs? Check out the complete collection at www.Weirdboards.com and make it WEIRD!

Our cruisers and longboard skateboards are made from premium skateboard quality hardwood, hand cut and finished in the USA.

Image is for illustration. Final product will be image printed on grip tape.